Reign Ministries

Alysen Merrill

Reign UK Training Team


I’ve lived in England since 2005. Often I reflect on the privilege it is to serve and live in this place. My daily life consists of working with Reign UK, training emerging youth leaders, serving with a local church, and being a faithful witness in the area I live. I believe in discipleship, God’s Kingdom, and love that abounds all situations and circumstances.

When I'm back in the states, I can’t wait to visit Target, Skyline Chilli, and spend time with friends and family.

I was raised in a Christian home and realized my own faith when I was 11. I also realized at that point that God created everyone to be a child of His, and that everyone had a purpose and place in his Kingdom. That heart and understanding directs how I invest here in England. I want to see people know they have a purpose and place in God’s Kingdom.

I Like:

Live music, a good curry, ice cream, whenever I can spend time on a sunny beach.

I Love:

My family, people of all ages, good stories, sunshine and giving & receiving good hugs!

i can't get enough of:

100% cotton sheets, music, journals with blank pages.

People say:

That I still sound American.