Collecting data through our analytics programs helps Autodesk better understand how you
use our products and services. By identifying customer trends, we can plan for new
features and optimize existing ones, continuously improve quality and performance, and
provide insights and other information that can be valuable to you. For example, we can
help you increase workflow productivity in our products by recommending combinations of
frequently used commands that can be grouped into macros.

The data we collect

We collect usage data based on your interactions with us or our offerings. We might, in some instances, associate the data with your Autodesk Account.

This data might include:

  • Identifiers, such as your unique Autodesk ID – Allows us to recognize usage trends and patterns, and link related usage data.
  • Product ID and license information – Specifies which offerings are used, how they are licensed, and other transactional information.
  • Product session and commands  – Reflects interactions and usage patterns within the product based on the commands and actions users have executed.
  • Information about system or device setup and configuration  – Indicates, for example, operating system and device types used.
  • Design file metadata – References file format, size, dimensional units as well as object and layer metrics.
  • Website and other online experiences  – Reflects your interactions with our online interaction channels such as websites, blogs, webinars, surveys, events, discussion forums, and chat rooms.

How we use your data

We might need to process usage data to deliver certain services or features you’ve requested, provide support, maintain product security, ensure product stability, or identify non-valid use of our products and services.

Additionally, information about how you use Autodesk products and services helps us maintain and improve them. These are a few examples of how we use the usage data we collect:

  • Optimizing product and service performance
  • Resolving product defects by analyzing software crashes
  • Recognizing usage patterns and customer trends
  • Delivering personalized experiences and workflows
  • Developing and improving our offerings
  • Creating customized offers and promotional content tailored to you
  • Planning and analyzing our communications in different environments and contexts
  • Making business decisions concerning our offerings or operations. To see other uses, go to our Privacy Statement.

We might also use aggregated usage statistics (which do not identify you) for our internal operational purposes; for example, to calculate monthly active users per product or country.

Managing your product privacy settings

You can view and update your product privacy settings at any time. For most 2023 and later desktop products, you can change your settings once and the change will apply across your Autodesk Account. For some 2022 and earlier versions, product privacy settings changes might only apply to the desktop products you are using on a specific device.

Manage product privacy settings from your Autodesk profile:

  1. Go to and sign in if you aren’t already.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the pencil icon next to Desktop Products in the Product Privacy section to set your preferences.

Some usage data collection is required for operational purposes, and the Required Data Collection selection cannot change. For example, we might require data to deliver services or features, or to identify non-valid use of our products.

Manage privacy settings from a product:

Refer to the Autodesk Knowledge Network for product-specific instructions.

  1. Open a product.
  2. Go to the Account Settings menu or Help menu. Settings locations vary by product.
  3. Click Privacy Settings or Desktop Analytics.


Third party services

We might use third parties to enable analytics services and tools on behalf of Autodesk. Our service providers collect and process usage data for Autodesk subject to contractual terms that restrict how they can use the data. For more information about our data handling practices, please see our Privacy Statement.

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