Reign Ministries

Beka Kopenski

Kairos Leadership Team


The majority of my life has been split between living in the north (NY) and south (GA), with a few other states in between. But it was in 10th grade in Georgia when I first learned about Royal Servants when Kairos traveled to my school. That day lit a fire inside me that I never even knew could be a possibility and I knew I had to go. I first traveled with Royal Servants in 2011 to Nepal and that experience completely redirected me on my faith journey. Since then I have gone on more trips with Reign to Honduras, Scotland, Macedonia, Ireland, and Guatemala. I’ve been a student, staff, and nanny. A lot of my life changed in 2020 and it got me thinking about what I wanted to do with my life and where I felt God leading me. And so started the two year process of acknowledging my dream to work with Reign, taking my first step back into Royal Servants after a 4 year hiatus and then reaching out about joining staff. I'm thrilled to join the ministry that has played such a monumental role in my life. Joining the Kairos Leadership Team feels like everything is coming full circle, since it was back in 2009 when Kairos first introduced me to Reign. I hope to inspire other students just as much as staff have done for me over the years.

I Like:

Board games, movie marathons, and DIY projects

I Love:

Reading, Cooking, and Baking

i can't get enough of:

Coffee, road trips, hours spent in my kayak or hammock, and writing stories.

People say:

I’m a good listener and very creative