Da’awa Propagators-These are the unsung Ramadhan heroes

Da’awa Propagators-These are the unsung Ramadhan heroes

In the month long Muhadhara (religious public rallies), over 18 people among them two females convert to become Muslims

Indeed the holy month of Ramadhan comes with a bountiful of blessings and among them being; non-Muslims converting to Islam.

So far, since the holy month commenced, a total of over 18 individuals among them two females; have joined the fold of Islam courtesy of Al-Noor Da’awa Propagation Group which is quite a great achievement despite the challenges facing the group in their line of work.

 The group has been holding a series of religious public rallies/gatherings commonly referred to as Muhadhara outside Huruma Mosque along Outer-Ring road, Nairobi; with a view of conveying the message of Islam to non-Muslims and inviting them to Allah. That’s not all, they also go an extra mile to correct the misinformation/misconception about Islam and Muslims from the media and hearsay among other sources.

According to Hassan Kariuki Githenya-a committee member of Al-Noor Da’awa Propagation Group, they have been holding the religious rallies since the commencement of Ramadhan and glad that Muslims in the area have been supportive and consistently turned up in huge numbers.

During these rallies both the Holy Qur’an and Bible are used as a reference point for the topic under discussion. This way, any person seeking answers to his/her query has an opportunity to hear/read what both books say and make an informed decision.

Muslim Times 3600 has keenly been following up the religious rally and it is evident that from the assessment of queries posed, more effort needs to be done by Muslim to create awareness on Islam and spread its message.

The debates are not always smooth as it may seem, as stubborn participants hold onto their positions. Interestingly, there are those who return after a day or two of soul searching and convert to Islam.

For the stubborn ones, the moderator-Kassim Shoba is always keen to remind the eager audience of Surah Baqara (2: 256) which states, “Laa Ikraha Fi Deen”...That there is no compulsion in religion and that Hidaya (Guidance) is from Allah.

Further, Kassim frequently quotes  Surah Al-Nahl,  (16:125) which says; “(O Prophet), call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and reason with them in the best manner possible. Surely your Lord knows best who has strayed away from His path, and He also knows well those who are guided to the Right Way.”

Interestingly, there are several individuals who just walk into the Muhadhara and straight away declare their wish to become Muslims.

In light of the rise of Islamophobia globally, Al-Noor Da’awa Propagation Group has also made it a priority to set right what Islam is all about.

The da’awa group also makes effort to set facts right about Islam. “Islam is not what you read/hear from media. Islam is all about what the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the Holy Qur’an teach us,” Hassan says.

The group is not stationed in Nairobi, but also makes trips out in the villages with a view of conveying the message of Islam to as many places in the country as possible.

“In fact, during this Muhadhara, Salim Ngugi-a colleague in the da’awa group and I; had to make an impromptu visit to Nyahururu following an invitation from Christian religious leaders for this kind of dialogue,” Hassan adds.

During a similar Muhadhara outside the same mosque last year-still in Ramadhan, a total of 33 people converted to Islam which Hassan concurs that indeed it is a blessed month.

Upon converting, the new Muslims are given Islamic literature usually on the basics of Islam. “These books offer guidance on how to pray among other simple Surahs (chapters) of the Holy Qur’an,” Hassan says. 

Muslims at the gathering usually volunteer to guide and lead the new Muslims.

Hassan also adds that they have a markas (Islamic school/center) in Eastleigh, Nairobi, where the reverts are taught Islam.

Muslim Times 3600 also talked to Ismail Opiyo, 21, formerly Meshack on what attracted him to convert to Islam.

“I have been following proceedings of the Muhadhara for past two weeks and made a decision to be a Muslim.”

For those two weeks Ismail, listened from a distance and did comparison from what he knew from the Bible. He has not attended church for two years.

“So when I was invited to the Muhadhara, my queries were satisfactorily answered and clarified. At that moment, it dawned on me that I had to seize the opportunity to turn a new leaf in my life,” Ismail says.

“I feel now at peace with myself and every Muslim is a brother to each other.”

When asked to share the challenges that they face as a group, Salim Ngugi - member of Al-Noor Da’awa Propagation Group acknowledges that da’awa work is hard and appeals to Muslims to come forward and assist them.

“The demand to create awareness on Islam is high among people in villages and always prevailed upon to come back. However, this is hampered by the lack of support in terms of proper public address equipment, finances as well as transportation among other issues,” Salim says.

According to both Salim and Hassan, this is the work our beloved Prophet (SAW) and Anbiya (other prophets) did to attract people to Islam. Thus Muslims should not shy from it or look down upon those who do this work.

So far, it is from the meager contributions donated at these Muhadhara that the group is able to fund their activities besides other needs.

Salim adds that there is need to establish markas (Islamic schools/centers) at the county level where these new Muslims can be taught and kept in the religion.

“Its not logical to refer a new Muslim to center in Nairobi or Mombasa whereas he/she is at the village level.”

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