Muslims asked to support refugees

Muslims asked to support refugees

The Muslim community in Kenya has been asked to dedicate the 2019 Ramadhan to give to charity in support of the education of thousands of refugee youth whose future hangs in the balance due to lack of education.

The call to raise funds during this year’s Ramadhan in support of refugees has been made by the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) in partnership with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

Speaking at a press briefing to launch the fundraising campaign, SUPKEM chairman Dr Yusuf Nzibo and UNHCR Special Envoy for Horn of Africa  Amb. Muhammed Affey called upon the Muslim community to stand in solidarity with each other and with humanity at large during this year’s holy month of Ramadhan.

“Given the long standing tradition of Muslims to stand in solidarity with each other and humanity at large, the Supreme Council in partnership with UNHCR has chosen the noble course of raising funds from the Muslim community during the holy 2019 holy month of Ramadhan to support the education of refuge youth in Kenya,” Dr Nzibo said.

The SUPKEM chairman’s sentiments were echoed by Amb. Affey who pointed out that the best that society can do for the refugee youth is to empower them with knowledge and skills so that they can be more productive to the host countries and their countries of origin.  

It is our hope, Insha’ Allah that this will give hope to this generation of young people whose future is bleak if nothing done to assist them,” said Amb Affey.

According to Fatia Abdalla - UNHCR Representative in Kenya Fatia Abdalla who also addressed a media conference, Kenya hosts some 470,000 refugees, 77% of who are women and children. Some have been in displacement for over 20 years with no hope of going back home.

“The long period of displacement has resulted in thousands refugee youth missing out on formal education. Only 26.5% of refugee pupils in primary schools are able to transition to secondary school, while a mere 13% of those who go to secondary are lucky to find an opportunity for tertiary education. This puts generations of young refugees in limbo with no hope for the future,” said Fatia.

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