Kairos Discipleship school


1. where is kairos and how long is it?

Kairos is located at the Reign Ministries headquarters in Crystal, Minnesota. Crystal is located just outside the Minneapolis city limits. The next school year runs for 6-months, check the school specific information for accurate dates!

2. what is the cost of kairos?

The total cost of Kairos is $10,000. This covers food, housing, training costs, books, a stateside mission trip, an international mission trip, expedition trips, and administrative costs. Along with personal contributions you will be encouraged to raise financial support for Kairos. While there are multiple financial due dates throughout the year, we strongly recommend raising as much of the total cost as possible before Kairos begins.

3. can i work a job while in kairos?

The weekly Kairos schedule is very full. Due to the nature of the schedule and to minimize distractions, we do not allow students to work another job while attending Kairos.

4. should i bring a vehicle?

We strongly recommend bringing a vehicle. You will need a ride to and from class each day as well as to and from your weekly internship. Having a vehicle will also free you up for activities outside of the regular classroom times. If you do not have a vehicle, you can carpool with another student who does. It is required that students in a carpool provide regular gas money to the driver to cover the cost of gas.

5. how many participants are in each class?

Kairos class sizes vary by year but usually range between 5-15 students. This size allows for more interaction and closer relationships.

6. what does a typical week look like?

Throughout the week, you will be involved in a variety of activities. You will have three hours of classroom teaching from a variety of topics every day Monday through Friday, spend time in worship and prayer, meet with your small group, have a weekly one-on-one with your small group leader, serve in a local church ministry, and, of course, join in fun group activities! Outside of class time, you will be reading through the Bible, working on memory verses, and writing reflection papers on books you'll be given throughout the year.