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Jeff Kinder January 23, 2023 4 min read

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With the right tools and a connected team, anyone can reimagine what’s possible. Enter the Fusion Manufacturing Cloud.

In manufacturing, transformation is a constant. Throughout history, technology has given manufacturers a competitive edge. What’s undeniable today is the accelerating pace of change in technology. Artificial intelligence, cloud adoption, compute power, digital twins — changes like these can bring trepidation. But, more importantly, change brings opportunity. The opportunity to better serve manufacturing customers to unlock innovation like never before.

Innovation in today’s design and manufacturing landscape can mean anything from speeding up a process to more tightly integrating your design and shop floor to using generative design to reduce the number of parts and make your supply chain more resilient


Fusion Manufacturing Cloud

Innovation shows up not only in what we make but how we make it. You need to be connected, end-to-end, throughout the product development process to compete in the future. This is why we’ve been investing for years in our manufacturing cloud, Autodesk Fusion

Fusion connects your teams across all disciplines, from design to make. With data that is accessible, extensible, open, and ultimately, more fluid. 

Autodesk Fusion is not just PDM or PLM. It’s not just CAD or CAM, either. It’s not one of these; it’s all of them. Plus – it’s simulation, documentation, rendering, and electronics. Fusion brings all of these together in a way that hasn’t been done before — a democratization of technology that solves complex manufacturing problems yet is easy to use and easy to integrate.

The Future of Fusion Manufacturing Cloud

Fusion data is now built on a central Cloud Information Model for manufacturing. You can connect and extend Fusion data with APIs to connect to other applications like Prodsmart or an ERP system or to power capabilities like configurations.

In our industry, configurations typically require copying and pasting massive amounts of data and then managing all those files for each variation. Thanks to the Fusion Manufacturing Cloud, there are no more files. No more manual, error-prone copying and pasting. Only the data that is changed is stored as a configuration, which means more efficient storage, error-free data management, and faster performance. The software is doing what it’s supposed to do — managing your data and making your lives easier.


Fusion Signal Integrity Extension

Historically, Signal Integrity simulation has required deep technical knowledge and moving files between complex software applications. We recently announced that we’re expanding our advanced simulation partnership with Ansys. Together with Ansys, we’re closing the gap in product development workflows for PCB designs with the new Fusion Signal Integrity Extension

Fusion lets you design, fabricate, simulate, manufacture, and incorporate electronics into your products, which is truly powerful and game-changing from an efficiency perspective.

Our priority is enabling you to focus your time and energy on the highest value aspects of your work. That’s why we’re expanding Fusion’s automation capabilities in three key areas:

  1. Reduced machine programming time: We’re partnering with CloudNC to help you remove manual machine programming time. In Fusion -, you can upload any model, and with one click, the CloudNC algorithm will create an optimized machining strategy for making your part. With this, we’re en route to realizing a true “click to make” experience, much like desktop printing goes right from your computer to paper simply by hitting “print.”
  2. Drawing automation: Another arduous task? Dimensioning and drawing specifications. We are adding drawing automation to Fusion, which will automatically place dimensions on your drawing view, regardless of data set size. Imagine being able to create 40 drawings in 4 minutes — instead of 40 hours.
  3. Automated modeling: We’ve introduced automated modeling to provide you with inspiration for your development process. Simply choose the connection points in a design and any geometries to avoid – and Fusion will automatically produce a range of suggested designs for you to consider.

Easily Accessible Data

With the Fusion Manufacturing Cloud, your design and manufacturing data is accessible from anywhere, anytime, in the cloud. And it will run on any device. This means a fully functional CAD and CAM program anytime, anywhere. It also means you have the data you need available on the shop floor. 

You are no longer tethered to a workstation, corporate network, or location. So, whether you’re working remotely, meeting a customer, or both at the same time, you can get things done. Device independence is about giving you flexibility and making sure the right data is available on the right device when you need it. 

Embrace Transformation with Autodesk

Autodesk is your partner in this transformation journey, delivering a vision to help you win today, and in the future. The pace of technological change is increasing, and that opens up new possibilities. 

We are incredibly optimistic about the future of manufacturing, and we hope you are too. Together, we can drive innovation that makes a better world.

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