Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance is implementing the Global Fund/Kenya Red Cross GP, HCBC and E/PMTCT project in Nakuru Central (East and West Constituencies)

KMYA implements  the project in  Nakuru Central (East and West Constituency). KMYA with the support of the County  identified, trained and engaged 11 CHVs from 2 Community Units (CUs) namely; Bondeni and Kaptembwa in financial year 1 and in second year, we had an additional of 42 CHVs from London, Kapkures and Bondeni.

Key interventions per modules

  • Module 1: Prevention programs for general population;
  • Module 5: Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission  (PMTCT)
  • Module 6: Treatment Care and Support

Currently KMYA have trained and engaged 53 CHVs attached in four(4) facilities from three  CUs namely Bondeni Clinic, Kapkures  HC, FITC HC and Nakuru West HC.

KMYA has an MOU with nine(9) facilities in the County namely; Langa Langa HC, PGH, Bondeni Clinic, Kapkures HC, FITC HC, Mother Kevin, PCEA HC, Nakuru West and Bondeni Maternity.                            

Key interventions per modules

Module 1: Prevention programs for general population;
         a) Implementation approach involve scaling up of HTC services for youths and adolescents .
         b) The program utilize youths groups for HTC mobilization targeting youths during community youth events.
         c) Identification, training and involvement of youths in youth groups to be as  SHUGA facilitator

Module 5: Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission  (PMTCT)
          a) Collecting of PMTCT data from the facility and attaching them to the CHVs for follow up at the community level.
          b) To follow up pregnant mothers for at least 4 ANC visits and PMTCT services and to ensure they deliver at a health facility.
           c) To follow up HEI (baby mother pair) to confirm PCR within 24 months.
Module 6: Treatment Care and Support
           a) To strengthen positive attitude from PLHIV towards  services offered in health facilities.
           b) The CHVs to ensure PLHIV clients are on treatment care and support and also adhering to the treatment schedule.
           c) Linking of defaulters back to the facilities.
           d) Linking of PLHIIV in an exciting support group.
           e) To maintain the cohort


Project successes so far

  • We Networked with Onyx for the achievement of some of the modules especially GP
  • We have been able to use different approaches with learning institutions and youth groups for GP module.
  • We have built good relationships with the community members and leadership including area chiefs, security during HTS activity has been provided and advertisement being done during chiefs baraza’s thus making it easy for the activities to be carried on.
  • Men have been able to attend ANC visits with their spouses due to good mobilization and engagement of mother mentors during health talks at the facilities.
  • We have managed to partner with Nakuru Inter-estate football tournament, held every December festive season and currently on going, and made and MOU with Bondeni FC- the defending champions;(being that the tournament is held in their home ground) that in every match each of the players bring their peers for HTS and motivate the peers to do the same in other matches.


Our Partners

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