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Renew institutional access to Education software

The means of renewing access to your education software depends upon your license type.

  • We have extended access to 3 years from the date of acquisition
  • Network licenses: Once your license expires, generate a new network license file. For more information, see Obtain and install a license file.
  • Multi-seat standalone licenses: Reactivate by entering the existing serial number in the product you want to renew:
    1. Click the Sign in dropdown menu and select Manage License.
    2. Within the License Manager, expand license details and select Update.
    3. Re-enter the serial number and click Activate.
    4. On the Welcome screen, click Activate.
    5. Click Finish.
    6. Your new expiration date will appear in the License Manager.

Tip: To find your product serial number, see View your product license information.

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