The subject of reproductive rights is a major area of youth interest and attention. It is a broad subject that covers both matters of sexuality and health related issues. The youth in the Muslim community,

like other communities, face challenges concerning reproductive health, including the HIV/AIDS pandemic, drugs and substances abuse (khat, bhang/marijuana, heroin and brown sugar etc), STIs, teenage pregnancies, abortion, early marriages and female genital mutilation.  In KMYA target areas, the HIV/AIDS scourge and drug-abuse (mostly chewing miraa) pose the biggest challenge to the youth. 

In this regard, KMYA is currently implementing two projects in Nairobi and Nakuru Counties respectively.

Current projects

In this regard, KMYA is currently implementing two projects;

  • In Nairobi, KMYA is implementing an advocacy project on Non-Communicable Diseases targeting advocating for inclusion of budgetary allocation towards efforts to reduce effects of NCDs. This project is funded by the Public Health Institute.
  • and in Nakuru on  HIV and Aids—the goal of the HIV and Aids project is to upscale VCT uptake and provides HBC treatment for infected and affected people. This project is supported by the Red Cross Society of Kenya.



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